WHEN THEY SAID all-school they weren’t kidding. Add to BSE’s ranks (below) the following Whovillians: COLRAIN ELEMENTARY: Meara Henderson, Hailey Buchanan, Ethan Pike, Kaitlyn Randall, Aidan Oakes, Eliza Bigelow, Lizzy Lynch, Emily Eastman, and Maya Ottavianii. HAWLEMONT ELEMENTARY: Lily Gibson, Courtney Churchill, Megan Nehrig-Gamache, Chris Churchill, Hailey Cunningham, Madeleine Locke, Tess Rancourt (photographer), and Nick Forbes. HEATH ELEMENTARY: Gavin Steele. SANDERSON ACADEMY: Taylor Vettori, Ella Rizzi, Hannah Boutwell, Kyliah Hoff-Christian, Sydney Taylor, Matthew Isabella, Erica Szewczyk, and Courtney Allen. ROWE ELEMENTARY: Nathan Paige, Stella Clark, Laney Celli, Alexis Parent, Bailey Cousineau, Taylor Loomis, and Olivia Parent. Gina Glover, in black is the elementary school liaison. PHOTO: TESS RANCOURT/THE BSE FLOW

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