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His business is coming up sunny-side

Joy logoFIFTH-GRADER Griffin Kearney has 19 chickens and a rooster. They’re Rhode Island Reds and Ameraucanas. He says the chickens lay blueish-greenish eggs in addition to white eggs, and they’re all delicious.

And he’s selling them from his home in Shelburne Falls, $3 per dozen.

Griffin and the first egg produced for his business.
Griffin and the first egg produced for his business.

“I wanted to try this as a business. It’s really cool to have fresh eggs every morning. I just thought I’d try it out and see where it goes,” he said.

Griffin said his business started this past summer when he checked out his neighbor’s chickens and he thought it would be something he could get into. He sells all the eggs he raises that his family doesn’t eat.

“It’s going pretty good. Business has been a little slow, but I have hopes it’ll pick up soon,” he said.

He also said he likes to crush the bad eggs.

The chickens are hard at work. Griffin said he hatched seven chicks from an incubator, and they were the mixed kind. So they will be egg layers. Griffin is getting more chickens in the spring.

He’s not stopping here, either. Griffin said he might be getting bees in the spring as well, so he can sell honey.