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What’s happening at Mohawk Trail Regional Middle and High School…

Just Do It

Gagnon logoSHELBURNE—As the school year kicked off here in the hilltowns, many fall sports began, including football, field hockey, cross-country, golf, and girls’ volleyball.

Are you a sports fan? Do you enjoy playing, or following, any of these sports? If so you might know we’ve been in the midst of an exciting season of sports in the Mohawk District.

And if not, there’s still plenty you can do to stay in shape and have a lot of fun. You’re in a great place to do that.

I love sports. I’ve played baseball since kindergarten, and was in Cal Ripken baseball in elementary school. Baseball is the sport I focus the most on, but I go farther in golf than I do in any other sport. My plan is to go to college, and I’m playing golf here at Mohawk again (in middle school), and then I’ll play it in high school and see how far I can take it.

I have to be really good if I want to go pro. It’s the same with any sport, but for me it’s golf. I’ve been told I’m only going to get better. If I wanted to try to do that, and if I play more, there’s a chance I could go pro.

Golf also helps pass the time if I have nothing to do. My dad and my uncle both taught me to play. My dad taught me in fourth grade and I’ve been playing it ever since. As a game it’s frustrating but also relaxing.

Now that I’m in eighth grade I’m playing matches. I feel the eighth-graders are going to be good. I watched some of the kids play last year; it was their first year and I was able to watch them get better as the year went on. Three or four of us ended up practicing with varsity last year.

Here’s my advice for everyone: do something. Get involved. I totally think kids need to get outside and not just end up sitting on a couch. Be active and stuff; it’s good for you.

I’ve made a lot of friends playing sports, especially playing teams from other districts. You meet a lot of kids you wouldn’t get to know otherwise. I like seeing them around.  Definitely by high school you’re playing so many other teams you get to meet a lot of different kids.

I loved gym class with Mrs. J.  [Mrs. Johansmeyer]. When you get to Mohawk, take gym, because even though we did a lot of cool stuff at BSE, when I got to Mohawk it was all-new. You get to take on new games and activities.

With exercise like that, your physical health is better. You don’t feel down. You feel good, and by being active I feel a little better than when I wasn’t as active. Taking gym as seriously as I’ve been taking it for the past six years, it’s helped.

And I play video games, but not as much as I used to. When I was at BSE I had a lot more time. What with homework and sports, now that’s kind of a weekend thing.

So I’m looking forward to writing this column and sharing what’s happening in the sports world in our area. If you would like your sport, league, or team highlighted, please reach out to me.

Thanks and have fun.

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