Fearless Fiction

WHO DOESN’T LOVE creating worlds? Our workshop discovered that inventing breaking news scenarios, and taking them seriously as stories for a news audience, was a fun way to challenge our new skills as reporters, editors, and designers.

Here, for the first time, we really have a chance to consider the weight of a word — to discuss notions of fairness, responsibility, and reader service. These are stories our writers enjoy writing and strengthening together, and it may be that these will be their most memorable.

The skills we develop in this unit — adjusting to new information on the fly, organizing stories to lead with the most important facts and then backing them up, and giving readers a strong sense of the “so what?” that keeps the piece leaning forward — will serve us in every kind of writing we take on.

Check them out from the top menu. Fearless Fiction > Breaking News. And, oh yeah, they’re funny and scary and amazing and wacky. Just like life 🙂

Would your student like to submit a piece of newsy fiction? Let us know and we’ll follow up…

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