Stay Open to What Fourth Grade and Life May Bring

Bennett-mugWHEN I STARTED fourth grade this year I wasn’t expecting it to be this fun. I was nervous to see my friends after the break, but I was also relaxed.

My teacher, Ms. Hyer, is AWESOME, and we learn a lot of new things like long division and advanced multiplication and fractions. Recently we did this activity called Scrambled Multiplication Tables. It was a box and only some of the boxes were filled in with numbers, but not all of them, and you had to figure out which numbers go where in the multiplication table.

We have Read-Aloud every day. We’re reading “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio, which we reviewed recently. I love it. It’s about a kid who has a somewhat deformed face, and there is one kid, named Julian, who makes fun of him. It’s a very interesting book.

Also in fourth grade, I joined this AMAZING newspaper staff. For this issue and the previous one, I am the editor in chief. I help lead meetings and I’ve settled a couple of disputes. It’s fun. I love working on stories, writing funny things, and seeing our people being productive.

In the February  issue, when we reported about the school budget, I wrote an editorial saying I thought our school computers should have “Minecraft” on them, and after the paper came out we looked again and found out someone put “Minecraft” on the computers. Maybe they did it because of the editorial.

I think people who aren’t in fourth grade yet should look forward to it. I am already looking forward to fifth grade.

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