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Evan Shippee, BSE ’14, honored with Kennedy ‘difference’ award

Mohawk student Evan Shippee is committed to helping his neighbors.
Mohawk student Evan Shippee is committed to helping his neighbors.

MOHAWK—BSE alumnus and Mohawk Middle School student Evan Shippee is one of only 100 middle-schoolers statewide to have landed the prestigious 2015 John F. Kennedy Make a Difference Award “for the impact they have made in their communities through service projects.”

Shippee, who started at BSE in preschool and graduated here in 2014, was nominated for the honor by his seventh-grade PBL teacher, Samantha Lydiard.

He’s done everything from stacking wood for people who need help to raising money for Relay for Life.

His mother, Tammy Shippee, noted Evan “is a truly genuine, giving soul. I know I’m his mom, but he has one of the biggest hearts I know. He likes doing things that make people happy. He likes to make people smile.”

The 2015 Award Ceremony was held Thursday, April 9, at the Kennedy Library in Boston. Each award winner received a personalized “Make a Difference” award certificate in recognition of his or her service efforts.

Receiving the honor, he tells the Flow, “was really awesome and made me feel special. It felt good to be recognized. I enjoy volunteering and helping people. It makes me feel good. I was a bit shy getting up onstage to receive my award. It’s a moment I will always remember.”

In his Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1961, President John F. Kennedy famously challenged all Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”