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You Made Our Day, Mrs. Wagner!

Dear Editor,

Wanted to let you, and all other newspaper students, know what a great job you do. I picked up the Feb. 5 issue today [Feb. 26] at my hairdresser’s shop, State Street Style.

My great-granddaughters go to Hawlemont Regional School and I didn’t know Mr. Yagodzinski left [as principal] and Mr. Kermenski came. Now I know.

Joy reads letter to the editorI enjoyed reading about “Pants” [“Pants is on the case to help kids read,” Features]; Emily Schoelzel building and repairing canoes [“All of our boats are handmade…” Cool Careers]; Pam Snow and teaching environmental matters [“Teaching the teachers: Pam Snow helps bring science education to life,” Magazine]; and the valentine-making for seniors, to name a few.

Last fall, Brooke Looman and Joy Bohonowicz did an interview with Holly Mae (Brown), my granddaughter, a senior at Mohawk. [“Charlemont’s Holly Mae Brown is going places,” Features, Nov. 20, 2014]. Nice piece.

Kylie Lowell is correct to want field hockey and volleyball at BSE. [Editorial, Feb. 5.] However, it’s time and money, and an adult who would volunteer. Last year, while watching field hockey, [I heard] the coach tell the adults there to cheer for “our kids,” that “the opposing team is tough. They start in the lower grades to learn field hockey.”
[…] Adults need to know about good things teens and younger people do with their time.

Linda Wagner, Charlemont

We thank Mrs. Wagner for her awesome letter, want her to know we turned to it often in our workshop, and invite readers to find these stories, and so many more, in our free archive.