Tried and true advice works against the rude

Sibling logoDear Ainsley: My younger brother is just plain rude. What should I do? — Annoyed in Fifth Grade

Dear Annoyed: I think you should just ignore him. If you do that he will eventually get bored and leave you alone.


Are you having problems with a brother or a sister? Are you, yourself, a problem child and need advice? Do you want to share a tip or trick you’ve picked up to make having a brother or sister more bearable? Or hey, do you have a story to share about how wonderful it can be to have a brother or sister?

Tell us: Write or leave a note for Ainsley
Bogel, our siblings expert (she’s a twin), in the Flow’s mailbox in the school’s office. Include your name and a way to reach you in case we have questions. We will not use anyone’s name in print. (To protect the innocent.)

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